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We have years of experience helping customers prepare for the unknown while meeting their goals. In simple terms we have customer conversations whether that be over the telephone, by e-mail, web chat or via social media.

We use our experience to advise customers for our clients available options by providing specialist support, general customer service or more specific tailored customer services. We are a multi-channel customer management business that provides a proactive approach that gives unprecedented information you need when you need it.
Our approach means we can work with customers to progress at their pace on the journey they are about to start on. We can access many different products so you can get the right products and services for you.

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Debt Solutions

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At FixYourFinances we know that debt is a personal issue and can be difficult to talk about to those around you, that is why our staff are discrete and professional and will work with you to find the best solution based upon your circumstances.
Personal Finance is not a one size fits all case and we will work with you to find the best way to manage your debt problems.


  • Are you struggling with debt?
  • Do you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders and unsure what to do?
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We Find You The Best Debt Solutions.

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We Are Committed To...

  • We will prepare and support your arrangement while providing excellent and compassionate customer service.
  • We will take into account your circumstances and life style we are able to find the best solution for you that will set you on the road to clear your debt and start to rebuild your finances.
  • We have dedicated and specialised staff members to guide you from start to finish through the world of debt and personal finance to ensure the journey is as smooth as possible.
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Why The UK Chooses FixYourFinances


 As part of our service, we’ll review your financial situation, explain the available options and recommend a debt solution which is suitable for you.
The risks of all suitable solutions will be explained clearly and if you decide to go ahead with a debt solution we will refer you to one of our trusted providers who specialise in the management of that debt solution.

We’ll be paid for introducing you or for the preparatory work we do, depending on your debt solution fees may be payable if ongoing services are provided.


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Individual Voluntary Arrangement

An IVA is an agreement whereby you pay your creditors a set amount each month that you can afford, the rest of the debt is written off.

Trust Deeds 'Scotland'

A trust deed is an agreement with your lenders that could help you if you don’t think you can afford to repay everything you owe.

Debt Relief Order

A debt relief order is a form of bankruptcy where debts are written off within 12 months.


Sometimes, there’s simply no way to repay what you owe in a reasonable time.

Debt Management Plan

A Debt Management Plan (DMP) is an agreement between you and your creditors to pay all your unsecured debts.


Sequestration is the Scottish term for Bankruptcy. If your debts are particularly high and / or your income is low, you may need to think about declaring yourself bankrupt.

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